Sumatra January 2014


Market day from the public bus from Ketambe to Kutcane

A lack of information about travelling to Sumatra has inspired this travel blog.

Travelling around Sumatra can be done in a number of ways. Our trip was largely based in the northern part of Sumatra, including North Sumatra and Aceh.

We decided to fly in to Medan to begin our Sumatran adventure. We then took public transport to Parapat, where we then took a ferry to Tuktuk on Samosir Island in Danau Toba. After Danau Toba we decided to go back up towards the jungle. Not wanting to go to Bukit Lawang, we decided to head towards Ketambe, on the western side of the Gunung Leuser National Park. From Danau Toba we needed to take a taxi to Berastagi and then a public bus to Kutacane. After which we took a private car to Ketambe after missing the last bechak/public bus.

Following our jungle adventure we travelled to Banda Aceh from Ketambe. This would involve either a many hour journey through the middle of Aceh on a bus OR going back to Medan to fly. We decided to go back to Medan via Kutacane and Berastagi in a private taxi and then flew to Banda Aceh.

Once in Banda Aceh we took a fast boat to Pulau Weh and another public bus to Iboih Beach. All the destinations mentioned can be seen below in order of visitation.