Sumatra (Sumatera January 2014)


Market day from the public bus from Ketambe to Kutcane

A lack of information about travelling to Sumatra has inspired this travel blog. Hopefully it is helpful on some level to you.

Travelling around Sumatra can be done in a number of ways, but we flew into Medan. Then took public transport to Parapat to take a ferry to Tuktuk on Samosir Island in Danau Toba. We then wanted to head to the jungle so from Danau Toba we took a taxi to Berastagi and then a public bus to Kutacane. After which we took a car to Ketambe.

Getting to Banda Aceh from Ketambe involved going back to Medan via Kutacane and Berastagi in a private taxi and flying to Banda Aceh.

We then took a fast boat from Banda Aceh to Pulau Weh and public bus to Iboih Beach. All the destinations mentioned can be seen below.